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Photo courtesy of Au Box

Photo courtesy of Au Box

The New Luxury Marijuana Marketplace Targets Big Spenders

There is a high-end luxury marijuana market that caters to people willing to spend almost $3,000 for a joint and hundreds for luxury subscription boxes.

While many people may think of recreational marijuana smokers as grungy stoners, a new study from Miner and Co. Studio has uncovered an upscale cannabis consumer. These are not lazy, couch melters with low paying jobs. It turns out that 84% of these cannabis consumers are employed full-time and 65% have a household income of $75,000 or more.

This is no secret to companies already targeting the luxury marijuana market. There are two different monthly premium subscription boxes catering to the big spenders. The AuBox is a carefully curated box of either CBD products and/or THC products depending on the state you live in. It was created by Jessica VerSteeg, a former Miss Iowa and Amazing Race competitor. This product is only available in San Francisco.

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